Thursday, September 6, 2007

How does your garden grow?

The 'no-dig #1' is finished. I collected our last 'inputs' from the kind horses at Hamilton Racing Club this morning. The strappers were pretty impressed with my abilities with a shovel. Pokey was pleased with what I came home with. 4 more layers and now, it's done, and the photo shows some of the accoutrements that any garden should have...
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a gnome - kindly donated by Matty in Orange (you'd know him if you saw him - terrible scars inflicted by vicious, vicious dog attack) ... His name is Mick the Mooner. His mate Roy the Boy (from Roy in Nelson Bay) is relegated to a more secluded part of the garden. Unfortunately, Mick lost his legs in transit and now needs to lay amongst the bed of straw.
a bamboo tripod - thanks Dougy for the input from the sunny northern NSW coast. Can you just imagine the beans already??!

Now i've broken my back for the day, i will settle in for a nanna-nap.

The last weekend of freedom awaits - anyone with ideas for how we should spend it, please use the 'comments' facility, and we'll try to jam in all of your suggestions! Keep it clean.

Congrats to Scotty and Triona being married at University College Cork this weekend. Wish we were there with you.

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Anonymous said...

Have a lovley weekend, sleep in if you like!!!! Garden bed looks great - I'm sure the beans will do very well. I have cast my vote, in the colour circle, can I keep voting till I get it right. Lots of love Ceil xxxx