Monday, September 1, 2008

vegies at home

We have a bumper crop of eggplants happening - the question is, how many ways to eat eggplant. Saturday night was the best yet:

Robs Garden Pizza:
* eggplant - pre-roaster (from the garden)
* tomatoes - pre-roasted (from the garden)
* pumpkin - pre-roasted (not from the garden)
* spinach - cut up finely (from the garden)
* oregano & basil (YES from the garden
* cheese etc



Visited a derelict place called Kuridala last Sunday afternoon. Used to be home to 2000 people - man they must have done it tough around 1910 - no air-cond, no nothin!
The cemetery gives good info - lots of 'accidental deaths' and young people - pretty interesting if a little sad.


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