Monday, November 16, 2009

My place and yours: Through the front door

This week I am starting 'My Place & Yours' , I would like to be a contributor not simply a creepy onlooker-er! Pip chose Shelley from Femme de Montmartre to be Theme Queen this week and Shelley chose “Through the Front Door” as this week’s theme. If you want to have a go, join: is easy i did!

Here's what we look at when we are 'steppin out':


and when we return:


We tend to be bringing a few more 'treasures' home from Dudley beach southside each time we visit the beach. There is bookend rock, a shiny shell and a 'mars bar' rock this week. And percy the 'possum'. Please note no removal of shoes upon entry - this is what leads to the state of sandy horror and resulting wild campaign cleaning... Note also the cane lovely from my Grandma Hilda which (attempts to) contain the extra shoe explosion at entrypoint. I'd love to know how normal people contain the entrypoint - especially the mail, which is why this week I opted in.


ExcUsE mY frEnch said...

hi ! welcome to Pip's Meme then ! you'll see it's great to 'get to know' a little bit people through pictures of their home.
i see you've a lot of seashells i bet you leave close to the ocean, how great !

Hsu-Yin said...

i like the jar of shells and rocks outside! it looks very tidy, your entrance as though it is swept often. and aren't shoe racks just the best!

Sara said...

I have an explosion of shoes too at our entry - and not because we are ladeeda and take them off at the door, more so cos we're lazy I suspect...

Tricia said...

I just LOVE your jar of shells. I used to have lots of little collections of natural things like that...but after many moves they have dissapeared. I must start collecting again.