Monday, January 21, 2008

big heads r us dot com

Oaky has a big head:
Photobucket also she is greying (or would you call it blonding>???)

Rexy has a big head:

And again:

Monday, January 14, 2008

first weekend camping

Took Rex camping in Lower Glenelg National Park. Was BEAUTIFUL there and thankfully we had a break from 40+ conditions...

His first:
* sleep in tent
* bath in bucket
* time fishing

Awoke at midnight (yes we were in bed early) to a munching noise very nearby. As i had my hands full of feeding Rex, Richie braved the dark and discovered the BEAST outside... A possum had taken to our iced vo-vo's!

We were woken early by hoards of blue-wrens getting busy outside out tent!

Some snaps here:
Rex in the bucket

me no likey-likey

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Pokey Simpson....


hammo produce


cherries from Trixie over the fence:


Cussy bro's

This week, we had very special visitors from Armidale (NSW!!!!!) and they enjoyed their time in the breezebox at Collins St... We LOVED seeing the special and beautiful ones!
'bubby' had a lovely time with little Rexington Pickle, as did Squirrel and the BOSS! The boys (Richie included) scooted madly at the Hamilton Van Park.


Ooooh - and before this cane lovely from my Grandma turned 'lace' (a kind of white/cream colour) I decided to have an all-yella love affair in the morning yella sunshine...


swing me!

Finally a day that wasn't 35+ here in Hamilton... We took to the trees and swung in the breeze...