Friday, August 27, 2010

Makin Day Challenge #3

Today's challenge was Mrs F Whittaker's 'Queen Cakes' - (Faye, Fiona) Flora to which I added some cocoa as Mr really wanted 'cocolate cake'... They tasted FINE!

Coookability: 8/10 Taste: 4/10 Make Again: Probably will have to... 8/10

Aside from that, our week consisted of sorting and labelling small items in readiness (c'mon seriously I have months) for a small addition... This was a pretty extreme day, since the bedroom looked a lot more like Berlin c1944 when we started...

I have just noticed my very red theme for the week...

Sunday, August 22, 2010

and life goes on....

I was saving this photo for an election day post but missed out because of oh so many things....

Guess who i found in our lego-box....

If i keep digging around, I might just find a Latham, a Turnbull and a Brendan Nelson figure kicking around in a train or a fire engine... I'm off!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Makin Day Challenge: #2 Jam Drops

Makin Day Challenge #2 (this is almost a habit). Thanks again Dorrigo P&C.

This was the sort of recipe i loathed in my 'mid-years' and wondered if I would like these. The answer is YES! Particularly the ones that stayed in the oven for a long long time and are crunchy. Half made with strawberry jam, and half with sour cherry. The sour cherry wins hands down - loving the tart taste.

These bickies were easy peasy & I thank you Betty (Beatrice, Beryl, Bronwyn) for this one. I also had to investigate just where 'Meldrum' was, and have deduced it was a station between Deer Vale and Bostobrick where I am sure you got yourself a lovely cuppa and a jam drop if you dropped in...

Cookability: 8/10 Tastes: 8/10 Make Again: 9/10

My creative space....

Decided I could play this week on Kootoyoo's thursday game. Usually I am the one gazing in wonder at all of your blogs - this week I feel very very proud (and I will also gaze in wonderments)...

Ellie's green vest is all done!
Started here: Photobucket

And finished here all in the space of a few weeks (NOTE: THIS IS EXCEPTIONAL SPEED FOR ME...)Photobucket

Used some sublime wool and buttons from here...

She is a dish and will look dishy!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

makin' day

I have set myself a new challenge... you may 'conversation' amongst yourselves whether this will end in disaster or triumph, but I am decided to cook the 1967 Dorrigo P&C cookbook - handtyped by Mrs Cork.
All of it. Except those recipes that call for 'lard' or for copha. And any others that are not imaginative, like 'brown biscuits'..... My purpose is to keep the cake tin filled at all times so as to delight passers by, small childs and my caked up appetite.
Today's first challenge was 'choc bars' which I am thinking to rename to "Yum it is crunchy and chewy and coconuty and delish"... The recipe, thanks Mrs Garrett (Ida, Ina, Ilse, Ingrid, I think IRENE)
The results: these are the offcuts - not a square / bar to be seen. They are gone now. phew.
Cookability: 6/10 Tastes:8/10 Make Again: Yes

I am almost finished another 'pebble vest' need some buttons - what colour?

Sunday, August 8, 2010

collecting 'stuff'

Our weekend was a lovely old affair, park walking and scooting at Kings Park, visited Pompeii at the museum, some pho at the local and a lil bit of baking besides... My thrifting has mostly happened in the week previous and have collected:

some lovely plates ($3)
Some itti bitti clothes ($3)
Some turkish copper pots ($5) slightly ripped here(?) but i saw the copper cow bells walking out the garage roller-door and got a bit wringing-of-hand...Photobucket

can someone pls advise me is it bad to touch a frog... not for the warts (!) but for the frog, something ticking way out the back of my mind reminds me there are some nasties we can pass on to Kermy and Robin...?

Monday, August 2, 2010

"life without industry is guilt...."

This is what we did today....



labouring, transplanting, digging, sowing, & pumping....
and it is only 3.30pm!

Things are hotting up.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

flea market finds....

like these two i found in Mt Hawthorn?

50c the fowler pot and $1 the enamel candlestick!
I also scored this tie circa 1972 that i can't stop wearing!! What do you think of a lady in the man tie? I can't self portrait so i had my best two models pose...