Tuesday, August 10, 2010

makin' day

I have set myself a new challenge... you may 'conversation' amongst yourselves whether this will end in disaster or triumph, but I am decided to cook the 1967 Dorrigo P&C cookbook - handtyped by Mrs Cork.
All of it. Except those recipes that call for 'lard' or for copha. And any others that are not imaginative, like 'brown biscuits'..... My purpose is to keep the cake tin filled at all times so as to delight passers by, small childs and my caked up appetite.
Today's first challenge was 'choc bars' which I am thinking to rename to "Yum it is crunchy and chewy and coconuty and delish"... The recipe, thanks Mrs Garrett (Ida, Ina, Ilse, Ingrid, I think IRENE)
The results: these are the offcuts - not a square / bar to be seen. They are gone now. phew.
Cookability: 6/10 Tastes:8/10 Make Again: Yes

I am almost finished another 'pebble vest' need some buttons - what colour?


Diana said...

I love your cooking project. That is hilarious. My older sister got a CWA cookbook, as a present, and is filled to the brim with weird oddities, which we swear we'll both cook one day. Such delights as beef with fried pineapple and jellied vegetable salad are amongst the gems hidden between the pages. Thanks for stopping by my blog so I could discover yours.

Anonymous said...

Red red red red!