Friday, August 27, 2010

Makin Day Challenge #3

Today's challenge was Mrs F Whittaker's 'Queen Cakes' - (Faye, Fiona) Flora to which I added some cocoa as Mr really wanted 'cocolate cake'... They tasted FINE!

Coookability: 8/10 Taste: 4/10 Make Again: Probably will have to... 8/10

Aside from that, our week consisted of sorting and labelling small items in readiness (c'mon seriously I have months) for a small addition... This was a pretty extreme day, since the bedroom looked a lot more like Berlin c1944 when we started...

I have just noticed my very red theme for the week...


Megan said...

how rare is that seeing a whole recipe in the space of 4 half size lines. all the recipe mags would go out of business!

the bruce rock markets are on the 7th of November, gets especially busy so if you do decide to come you'd need to book accomodation very early! my mum is thinking of coming out for it and selling her jams that she makes. it really is a great weekend though, heaps on with all the vets in town.

oh yeah and congratulations!

Diana said...

Love the organisational system, I'm laughing about the zoot suit tray. Would love to see a littlie in a zoot suit. Congrats. Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm selling my newy teatowels for $15 if you want one. I'm doing a range of colours and the teatowel is a beautiful thick linen/ me at and I'll hook you up with one.