Thursday, August 19, 2010

Makin Day Challenge: #2 Jam Drops

Makin Day Challenge #2 (this is almost a habit). Thanks again Dorrigo P&C.

This was the sort of recipe i loathed in my 'mid-years' and wondered if I would like these. The answer is YES! Particularly the ones that stayed in the oven for a long long time and are crunchy. Half made with strawberry jam, and half with sour cherry. The sour cherry wins hands down - loving the tart taste.

These bickies were easy peasy & I thank you Betty (Beatrice, Beryl, Bronwyn) for this one. I also had to investigate just where 'Meldrum' was, and have deduced it was a station between Deer Vale and Bostobrick where I am sure you got yourself a lovely cuppa and a jam drop if you dropped in...

Cookability: 8/10 Tastes: 8/10 Make Again: 9/10

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