Thursday, July 14, 2011

Baby gets cheeky creative

attempted passport photos taken for little one yesterday. Anyone who has been through this would recommend sedation... for everyone...
no smiles
No open mouth
no expression
eyes open
eyes forward

these are some from the reject pile that i am having some fun with...

bern passport

(i love the reject pile!)

creative juices here

oh and finished off a milo vest for he:



Salsa said...

Oh I remember that. I found a guy who managed it in one photo -- he knew he basically had one shot in the chamber before the flash would send my two-month-old son berserk. He did it by lying the bub on the floor and standing over him. What a pro. And because of all the rules about the photo's format our baby looks like a real killjoy.

Silver Threads of Happiness said...

Sounds difficult indeed! Can't believe they have those rules for babies, how ridiculous.

The reject pile photos are delightful, way more personality than the final militarian style one I can imagine.

Where are you off for a holiday to?

Can't wait to see the finished vest, do you think you will make it to Brown Owls on the 24th?

Adriana said...

Oh dear - we need to tackle Passport photos in the next few days..
Luckily my little fella is 4 - so it should be easier.

Love those rejects!

Anna said...

Wow, I never really thought about passports for babies...

Does he get to keep the photo for 5 years like the rest of us? Could be a smidge inaccurate by then!

You've got some classic pics out of it though.