Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Oaky flogger

Rex was examining with great earnestness some rubber occy-straps at a local building supply shop.... "what are these?" I asked him: "OAKY-FLOGGERS"....

in case you are catching up, Oaky is our brown dog and I believe she would not know about floggings.

As i type, she is huddled in the corner evading a storm. Poor mong. I thought I would have a look through my old photos and find an ODE TO OAKY.

purl me
pokey in da house
good dog

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Princess Truelove said...

You need to include a reaction box that says.. "Awww...cute!" and I would tick that. Sorry it's taken me a while to follow you, I've been lax in checking my own blog and didn't realise I had another commenter! Very exciting! I'll try and update more often from now on...