Wednesday, January 27, 2010

waves of steel

We are at the fun end of designing new house...

Stutchury job WITH sheep...

There is a fair bit of colourbond talk at the moment, and I LOVED playing the 'insta-painter' - you might like this too.

In the colourbond visualiser, I worked on a commercial shed, that has less sheep and is a little like our own shearing shed we are dreaming of.
Some colours:

Fun no?

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Rach said...

I wish I was at the fun end of designing our new house - we are at the 'we need to live with what we have until we pay more off it' end!!! If only money did grow on trees...

And thank you for your kind offer of nappies - too sweet. I tried to email but can't find your email address. Mine is;