Thursday, May 6, 2010

ahem...... we're hee.errr..reee.

so long sorry - We have eloped - technically just skived off since we are already happily married... to Perth.
This is where we live now.... there - i said it.

I am getting my feet back on the ground - coming to terms with being away from Newcastle, Dudley and the coal hole... Please look after it Novos.

But happily, we are all together - even Pokey tomorrow!

And i noticed a big 'swap meet' sign nearby for Sunday - perhaps there are some good things... CF is here - one of his... Looking forward to seeing this side o' the country...


Maggie said...

Hi There, welcome to Perth! I replied to the mat question over at my blog but here is a link aswell

spectacularfairywren said...

the swap meet was the WORST
Any Perth locals that could tell me where to op?