Wednesday, May 26, 2010

blame it on the rain

Today I ate for lunch:

soup with veg, lamb and barley
some stewed raspberry&rhubarb with some yoghurt and muesli
a mug (oh yes) of coco-pops drowned in milk
a plum
and a marshmallow or two (or three)

and am now coveting the saos with vegemite that are being hoarded by Rex for afternoonses.. share..? please?

Then i read this post and felt better - blame it on the inclement weather - I shall!

And thought I should direct you to THIS recipe by smitten kitten. A fave.

And an unrelated photo i took at Estabar on a borrowed camera that if i owned moi-self I am certain would stop me eating so much.


Maggie said...

thanks for the hot tip on the spaghetti recipe, I've just been over to Smitten Kitchen and bookmarked it for later in the week. Hmm yum, maybe Saturday or Sunday night dinner, nice and easy. This change in the weather has put my diet all over the place too.

denise said...

i'm such a foodie...i love these details! i'm vegetarian but otherwise would have shared much of this with you in just as random of a way...