Thursday, January 6, 2011

breakfast battles...

There is a lot to be said for a happy healthy breakfast.

We have been having 'breakfast wars' on and off at our place for a year or three. This week we're trying to put our collective hooves down to stomp out crying for toast/weetbix/something else. So far no good.

Photobucket (Rex at 7 weeks ... at breakfast)

I happened upon this recipe (thanks Nigella) in my early-morning-feeds-make-a-me hungry, and decided it would be a delicious start to the day. Also thought it was a place to use up some wicked closet corn syrup, so that i might eat less waffles.

So here is the start of it:

I did a bit of substitution - used almonds and cashews vs raw peanuts and used a wee bit more coconut, less sugar, no oil because I forgot it... do what you like i think? Whoever thought of baking muesli - sorry GRA-NOLA Nigella - with APPLESAUCE... (chase this last link for the best little aussie christmas tale pictured here...


Here is a shot of my two lovely boys at bath-time (much happier than breakfast) - and one of the sleeping bear so that you can all see how easy-peasy lovely he is.

Plenty more breakfast battles to come I think... We may be fighting over the last serve of 'cocc-late muesli' tomorrow.


Rach said...

Eeeek! Your baby Rex is just gorgeous (as is your big, big boy)! How cute is he in that nappy! My Louis has the same nappy gifted to us by a big Rex!

I hope you are all well and loving every minute of it. Busy, isn't it?


Wendy said...

Just gorgeous! You should definitely keep them both, y'know? And I'm loving that big violet nappy...

Shabby Vintage Junk said...

These pics made me SMILE OUT LOUD from ear to ear....Your boys are ADORABLE....And the pics of little Bernie are just TOO CUTE....!!

Tamarah :o)