Saturday, January 8, 2011

get fresh

We spend some time 'hunting and gathering' at our local fruit market each weekend. This week's haul and my mood made me stop and click, it was so bountiful and summery and yummery.
Most of the stalls are run by chinese or vietnamese families, and they all had their bets on for what colour baby. "I think boy" etc with much hands laying on... Rex particularly likes getting a prize from one lady, who silently and secretly hands him a treasured kiwifruit as we leave her stall...

Question: Do you do 'Two and Five'? Have concluded mine is more like "Five and Two"

Please note the big bag of breadcrumbs $1.30 for about a half cubic metre... That should have us in fishcakes for a week or 11. The bag was inflated when I bought it, and I thought there may be a goldfish in there.


Megan said...

Would they be the Subi Markets by any chance? I do love the Subi markets for fruit and vege. I am a big 5 and 2 girl as well, except in summer it sort of blows out to about 8 and 2, particularly if a punnet of blueberries and a bag of tasty juicy apricots comes my way!

Shabby Vintage Junk said...

I LOVE fresh fruit & vegies....I'd say we're more like an 8 & 3 household....I tend to only buy the cheaper fruits with edible skins though 'cause I LOATHE paying for fruit you peel & throw away like bananas for example....At the Dandy market here in Melbourne you can get a box of pears for $8- (approx 40 pears) which will last a good two weeks....Of course there's just Mr SVJ & I so variety is not so important....With little ones I imagine that's not the case....!!

Tamarah :o)

PS:....Fish cakes....** drool ** ....!!