Sunday, May 1, 2011

holiday flea market finds

On Anzac day afternoon, i took a quick stroll in the rain, with a stroller, to try to woo a wee one off to sleep. It didn't work, but I found a local oppy in Augusta WA (red cross) that was chock to loaded with good things...

Bought two by dinosaur kits for the wet weekend, which led to an inevitable dinosaur off.

And these lovelies: all for $17

2 x matching doona covers
1 x pillowcase
1 x large coloured doily
3 x gorgy blue linen placemats
1 x big wildflower tablecloth
2 x fabuloso made in Korea coffee mugs - have made it to the front of the pile and are in constant use!
please note my aversion to anything remotely ironed, neat and orderly.


Other easter week finds here


Tracey said...

oh how lovely, and your holiday sounds delightful too. Saw your comment at Sophies - I think i know the quilt you are talking about, there was one similar in a house in the Real Living magazine two months ago.

Amber Victoria's Cottage said...

Nice linens and I love your ironing skills as much as mine. :)

Lyndel said...

oh terrific linen finds, of course, being an ''oldie'' I'd have them ironed flat in no time♥

sue said...

Well that sounds like more fun than nap-time anyway! Lots of lovely linen there ...

♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

the mugs are so lovely... perfect colour scheme. also actually really like the reflection in them ?! ;)

Kylie said...

i love that tea towel and tablecloth

karlyn Jackson said...

those mugs are beautiful.

vintagescapes said...

What fun those dinosaur kits are!

Thanks for stopping by!