Thursday, May 5, 2011

my creative muddle

oh woe is me.. This here is my pile of brain strain (and stay awake at nightedness):
becoming a quilt thanks to this lovely lady. More ideas here:

and this is my creation for the staffy who eats shop-bought toys in an instant:

certainly more creativity at another address today.


Wendy said... blood pressure went up looking at those fabrics, too. that's the part of quilting that tries women's souls...hang in there!


Kylie said...

I love that bark cloth with hibiscus flowers on's absolutely gorgeous!
can't wait to see the finished quilt, looks interesting...

Cat from Raspberry Rainbow said...

Good luck with your quilt and good luck with the cheeky staffy. My nephew-dog is also a staffy and he chews everything too.

Anonymous said...

Ooo tough job matching colours but I think you've done it well. Its funny because the colours in your flickr album look a bit different to the ones in this pic- both look good though! I would love to meet your dog but I suppose it would be odd if you brought both Bernie and the staffy to Brown Owls! We are a staffy family too- they're the best!