Tuesday, November 24, 2009


The 'my place and yours' theme this week is collections.... Not so much to contribute but awesome to look.

Aside from rocks at the front door, 'erbs' at the back door, shoes almost everywhere, I must admit mine collections aren't numerous. Have started on red enamel teapots which I loves, but this is the thing i am keen to see find me:


Really bad giveaway money boxes... If anyone else collects these, please enthuse me. Rosalea on King Street suggested it was a good way to save. Have an OWL for the couch, a BANK for the table, a PIG for the armchair etc

I am also trying to find all the Richard Scarry BIG books for little Rex, and have been doing some Roger Duvoisin research. I would love to collect all his works:


Mandy said...

I don't think the giveaway money boxes are bad! I think they are great! Unfortunately the banks don't give them away like they used to, but I hope you can find some soon! I hope it helps in the save department too.

The Back Shed said...

Op Shops! That would be where I would look for both money boxes and books My kids had both when they were little. Very nice collections

DELiciousDesignz said...

I would love to see your red enamel teapot collection - Your little owl looks lonely, you really must find him a friend :0)

Sara said...

Oh I used to have a black plastic Darth Vader head money box from a bank when I was little! Good luck with your hunting :)