Friday, November 27, 2009

What other australianism's have PRAWN in it? help pls...

So I am part of the kidscraftweekly cardswap this year, Rex has diligently made lots of bits and now I stick them together.... Hmmmm

So I was inspired by the capsicum packaging, after I made nana Ceil's soup,

and I wanted to christmas card the red net somehow....

I got back to beachy themes, and what is more aussie christmas than a paper wrapped parcel of prawns down by the river, you eat them, you peel them style. I have only learned to love them recently, and used to be quite bemused by my Mum and Dad and their looooove for the prawn on bread roll. Now am loving it too~!

Anyhoo, these are turning out well so far,

Step 1: the ocean (thanks Rexy)
Step 2: The prawn
Step 3: Embellish the prawn
Step 4: Catch the prawn!
Step 5: Choose a favourite one... I love this one. His name Noel.

But now I am a bit stunned with how to incorporate the very obvious christmas prawn relationship for our northern hemisphere penpals who will think the whole thing perfectly odd? Have you got any great aussie prawn stories?


& big congrats to miss Jane who has sprung forth with a little Elodie yesterday at sundown. Can't wait to meet you gorgeous! Well done JK


Anonymous said...

Hi Robyn and Rex,

Your lovely prawn card arrived in our New Zealand letterbox today. It made me smile. Then it made me hungry :-)

Sorry we didn't put a letter in our card; our printer broke down (poor timing). I might have to write about NZ Christmas on my blog, since the top few hits on Google for "New Zealand Christmas are *full of lies*"

Love, Rosie (and "Beetle" as our participant is referred to online :-)

denise said...

sorry for the very late comments! i'm just now getting around to updating my address book and typing your blog address in my reader so i can "follow" you...we LOVED receiving this card...perfect like you said for our daughter "sea"...come visit us in san diego, ca one of these days...we have friends in australia and may make it to see you, too! looking forward to learning more about your life there! love, denise, manuel, sea and story (from the card swap)