Friday, June 25, 2010

a fun friday

We all feel a little bit political sometimes. Today, my big cuddle and I took part in, OK we lead, some activism on a local beach. We are sick sick sicky poo of the dog poop on the beach. Despite signage, loads of bag dispensers and bins in easy reach, by Saturday afternoon when we take Pokey for her big run, the place is literally LOADED. So we took matters into our own hands. Hoping to inspire others' hands.

We had 6 white boomers floating around from a christmas past (by the way, corflute fab stuff) and turned them into a parade of reminders en route to beach. See here:

What was fab, was stalking the track as we left, spotting one lady LAUGH and then turn back for a bag for her bitch. We will monitor to see if the nasties take them down before sun-up. Or pick them up.

Got all masterchef and plated Rex's hamburger as hamburglettes.

And settled down for a few laps.
This is going to be a pebble vest for Rex. My first non-square knitted item. I am trying to decipher 'sl 1' and 'BO' and have decided these are obviously SWEAR LOUDLY ONCE and SWEAT PROFUSELY CAUSE IT IS HARD WORK...

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Megan said...

love your knitting translation, very clever, i think you got it straight away!!

good work on those signs too :)