Sunday, September 12, 2010

Creative birthdays & giveaway for blog3bday

Rex's birthday (I'll stop talking about it soon) is done and dusted and was so much fun! Also my third blog-iversary, so there is a tiny giveaway at the bottom of the post...

First a happy and gorgeous shot!


Then a flood of snaps of birthday capes, animals, cakes and kids.. My creativity was limited this week to baking and caping, please excuse my lack of knitting...


The capes were inspirationed from here. Easy peasy and apparently very trip-over-y... But super.

Thanks for coming and looking - the blog is also 3, and in apparently bloggy tradition, a giveaway is in order. Since I seem to have only made cakes and capes in the last two weeks, this giveaway is a choice of the following, made by Bellymoo, and marketed here today at Perth Upmarket.
Leave a comment on the blog and I'll choose someone at random at the end o the week to score a lovely ring!

Here for something that doesn't involve butter icing.


Jodie said...

I love the capes! They look like so much fun :)

P.S Thanks for visiting my blog, and for the lime lane suggestion. Much appreciated!

MacGyver's Lovechild said...

ok that cake looks super excellent. if i were a three year old boy i would be in heaven! thanks for visiting my blog! happy 3rd blog bday

m.e (Cathie) said...

ahh, how much fun are they having!!
very cool cake there too.

thanks so much for popping by

Kate said...

Happy birthday to the boy and to your blog!
Love the capes! Might have to whip up a few for some upcoming birthdays.

Catherine said...

Happy Birthday to your little boy, looks like he had lots of fun. Super cake too, the banana lollies for the spikes are really clever. :)

Stephanie and Carlos said...

Those super hero capes are wicked!! I love the mask made from a t-shirt sleeve... i'll add it do my list of things to do!!

Happy birthday blog your rings are certainly different but I love different!!

xo Steph

PottyMouthMama said...

Holy toledo, how cute is this birthday action? Loving the capery, so so sweet. I love 3 year olds. I love that cake, so cool. YOu are one clever chicita.

Oh man - I am on the floor - I can't believe that mean carnie called your husband a poof and made him get off. How freaking rude! Who do they think they are, the Carousel Cops? Hmm. Now that's not a bad title for a new post.

Posie Patchwork said...

So much to celebrate, congratulations, love Posie

Steph @HCC said...

It looks like the celebration was wonderful! Lots of good things happening in your space!
Congrats on your blogiversary!

katiecrackernuts said...

That cake is great - as are the capes. Well done. Birthday parties for the wee ones can be a drain but lots of fun on the day.

Thanks for the comment on my blog. I have been "slinging" the bucket bag. And the shoes. Ta. I did a rare thing last summer and bought them full price because I loved them and then, at the end of the season when they were a fraction of the price, I bought a second pair for when the first pair fell apart.

Vic said...

Awsome cake! Cool capes! Looks like lots of fun! Congrats on your man and your blog turning 3! Vic xx

Wendy said...

Those capes are genius! I'd say a swell time was had by all, except, perhaps, the goat.