Friday, September 17, 2010

makin day challenge #4

Date (& Lemon) Scones...

I am not one for making things strictly to a formula/recipe/set of constraints... So I added lemon rind to this recipe:
Please note there is also the BEST pikelet recipe in the world on the bottom here, this has been in my vocab since I started cookin in the kitchen. Is fab..

The scones were fun to make
Looked good uncooked, and smelled & tasted so good when they were baked that I neglected to take a 'project completed' photo... Here they are looking anaemic going into the oven
Allover, I rate them 8/10 on all aspects, Rex would have preferred 'chocolate' flavoured apparently..

I understand where he is coming from, this is my latest obsession... Wanneroo WA strawberries with nutella dabs. Sometimes I am forced to share...

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