Sunday, September 19, 2010

Makin Day Challenge PUMPKIN SCONES!

Oh i have got so very domestic... Scones twice in a week. This time pumpkin scones. Now it is not often I have mashed pumpkin in my fridge, but ....


A very very wet mixture, but look how they turned out!
First a little stills animation so you can see stepwise:
gif animator
Gif animator

And then a very rare 'she's cooking in her dressing gown' shot in a collage.

Which format do you prefer?

These scones were not so easy to make - did i mention drippingly wet - but the taste was oh so fantastic. And with lemon butter. Ohhhhh.


Diana said...

You definitely gave Flo a run for her money on the pumpkin scones. Very impressed with scones and that fancy little gif animation you got going on. Nice one!

Ms Cinti - my poppet said...

mmm...they look so good, you'll be animating everything soon, lol.
Having cravings for scones, funny that!