Wednesday, February 9, 2011

my super creative space in green

There has been a lean, green project here... now it is wrapped and on the way (Tan, make like you haven't seen this when miss 3 rips it open) I am keen to show you. Used and loved this pattern from here. (please note: it did not include or have instructions for wonk)Photobucket

Also, have been learning to cro-shay... I can't.

More green from this week from something I made a few years ago (but keep making each and every day):
(excuse the "benwho" paraphenalia... - it is green, but this shot is ALL about the blue).


Wendy said...

Golly, look at those blues! You are quite a talented maker. :)

LionessLady said...

Persist with the crochet!!! I looooove it! There is a really good video tutorial guide on Meet me at Mikes. And I loooove your awesome cape! Well done.

Cate said...

love the fabric patterns together! I'm sure she'll love it :-)

Pearlin J said...

what gorgeous blue eyes! that cape with the name and doily detail is adorable.Keep at the Crochet, you will get it.

Tracey said...

nice looking vintage fabric in your bag

Frankie and Ray said...

Love, love a bit of green. Hope it's cooling off a little over there in the hot west!

Nick said...

I can't crochet either, tho I love gives me neck spasms and I my fingers are quite spastic. Give it up girl...find something that comes easier.

m.e (Cathie) said...

i have absolutely no idea about crochet either!
I love the cape, wonderful!

thanks for popping by, I put the kettle on for you ;)

Tania said...

Wow. Those baby blues are heart-stopping! Top tip: if you can half nail crochet, the next seventeen years of swimming lessons will only feel like seven. Worth it even if you end up with only a potholder.

Flotsam Friends said...

This is fabulous. I love it. I adore the yellow flowers and the crochet. And the writing finishes it off perfectly and gives it a 'made with love' feel. You're having a great week. Thanks for hanging in there with me, am slowly getting my head into the groove. We seem to have lived parallel lives... Scotts Head and Bellingen. Isn't that creek divine. I know those smells you spoke about. Do your grandparents still live in Dorrigo? Love, Pxxx

Flotsam Friends said...

P.S. Love your new look!! Pxxx