Wednesday, October 13, 2010

creative spaces

I am not not not a sewer. Unlike my novo mate Mosey who recently made me this bit of gear for her FIRST EVER project, sewing for me has mostly been an avoidance of resewing buttons onto shirts/pants/pjs...

until... i got a good dose of insomnia of late and tried a bit o' applique-ing which i found out involves a needle and thread.
The results:
are not straight,
are not even
have 'charm' +1 sore index finger (ideas please for pinpricks - scared i'll go the same way as sleeping beauty?)

but i am more than proud. And seeing in the wee hours.

Have also been creative in the kitchen - this time savoury. Pork schnitzel being my latest thing:
- pork butterfly steak - beaten
- flour
- egg
-breadcrumb mix (blend up some old sourdough, continental parsley, parmesan and sesame seeds + S&P)
Fry with a bit o oil and eat with carrot salad from here... Mmmmmm

For the good stuff, go over here.


HMC Designs said...

I love the farm print. It looks fantastic on that singlet. You did a great job! Very inspired to make some now :)

Seaweed and Raine said...

I'm loving the applique! It doesn't matter a whole lot with that kind of thing what your sewing is like (In my oppinion) - I kinda like "organic" looks for things like that :)
I'd love to know what the fabric is that you used with the fish on it, and the one that Mosey used on the baby carrier - SO CUTE!
I haven't visited your blog in a while - so I suspect that congratulations might be in order! :)

Chris said...

The applique is super cute. For a non-sewer, I think you picked the prettiest stitch of all, blanket stitch is my favourite.
Thanks for the comment on my blog too, appreciate it.

Chris said...

Hey, and thanks for all the Newcastle love too. It is getting better, just very very slowly.

yardage girl said...

Lovely stitching - "charm" is good!

dash robin said...

Your appliqué is the sweetest, utterly perfect is the colour combo on the farm w the darker singlet too. enjoyed scrolling down through your posts- the moving photos device is a bit cool! Your scone shots have left me feeling soooo hungry- And you have a bun in the oven too (sorry couldn't resist) congratulations and best wishes!
Xo Kate

kate @ another donkey design said...

I am impressed at your sewing for a first timer. Where did you get the aplique's from? They are super cute!

by marie-nicole said...

The stitching looks fantastic to me... so much character!

zigsma said...

Wow - I love those appliqued singlets. Great idea - I may have to copy.