Monday, December 6, 2010

flea market find NOW smells like christmas...

FOund this gorgeous glass butter box at my local Salvo's this week. Please note - the neatest BIG thrifty i have ever stepped foot in at Greenwood in WA. Cost $4. I have another, lidless, which doubles as my coffee machine bits box.

This one was hiding under a cover of ants... orange cordial + rain perhaps? It is now our 'SMells like Christmas' box...

Recipe for a pretty lovely scent:
- Some gumnuts (these from the park nearby - these are just the caps!!) Still have not taxonomied if someone can help with that...
- Some dried out spices: I used cinnamon quills, star anise (fave) and nutmegs.
- Some whole nuts perhaps

Other finds here this week.
And join in with this wicked giveaway here at Shabby Vintage Junk for her 100th post. BEAUTIFUL old glass ornaments to be gifted to someone lucky.


melania said...

i love to eye off these butter boxes at my parents place but have never stumbled across one while opping - great find! thanks for sharing your christmas box too, i've been trying to think of some creative ways to reference christmas around our home.

Tania said...

Those butter boxes have always made my heart skip, but you're upping the ante with the Christmas whiffery...

Tamarah said...

Hello over there GORGEOUS.... :o) !!

THANK YOU so much for coming to our party to help CELEBRATE our 100th posts....!

It was a PLEASURE having you over & I hope you had the opportunity to visit some new blogs....!!

I do have to say though that I think your profile is a little misleading OR you need to update it as I've just read a couple of your recent posts & there's a WHOLE HEAP OF CRAFTINESS goin' on here....Those little red decorations with the crotchet circles are now on my MUST FREAKIN do list....Clever CLEVER you.... :o) !!!

I've added you to my list so I can keep an eye on you & have CROSSED my fingers as I popped your entries in the tub....!

Take care LOVEY & have a WONDERFUL ironing free yet CRAFTY week....hahahahaha....!!

Cheers from Melbourne,
Tamarah :o)

PS: I can't decide which is sweeter....Your little imp or your sleeping giant....!

Flotsam Friends said...

Oh wow, that's awesome. Look at the quality of that glass. Fabulous find and then what you've added. What a brilliant idea for it. I'll have to try your recipe. Love the sound of all those smells. Pruxxx

Anna Bartlett said...

Great idea! I remember those butter dishes. Never coveted them before now, so, thanks to you, we may have to do a bit of school holiday op shopping. Good cheap entertainment I hope!

Shabby Vintage Junk said...

Hey Lovey....!

I hope you're having a FAB weekend....!

Just sending you a QUICKY to let you know you were one of my 100th post giveaway winners....I need you to pop over to my blog when you have sec & send me your address so I can get your parcel in the post in time for Chrissy....!!!

Cheers for now,
Tamarah :o)

Wendy said...

Your new header has officially knocked my socks off---see what happens when I go off the bloggy-radar for a fortnight? Just gorgeous! How on earth did you make it?

Michelle W @ The Crafty Little Fox said...

Loving the new header Mrs Spectacular Fairy Wren :) I liked your 'snowflakes'. You are clever. When will your little bubby be making an appearance?