Sunday, November 28, 2010

flea market finds

My enamelware is starting to take over every horizontal surface. I am needing some sort of a dresser/kitchenette buffet arrangement?

These scales I have had for a while, they remind me of cooking with my mum and trying for the life of me to remember how many ozzes in a lb...

but have found the perfect accompaniment or perhaps this is too much ?
I think this could be upended as a side-table or maybe a lid added? Join Sophie to see what else has been discovered and snaffled up this week.

Does anyone in Aus have a history with Would like to hear your experiences with shipping to Australia etc (is it a local ebay equiv?)


marian said...

i know..that's why in my new house i insisted on lots of shelving, gotta be able to display all your treasures huh! speaking of which..i am in love with that gorgeous box..what a beauty!

Alison said...

Just love your finds, lucky you.

Such a sweet blog, thanks for stopping by at mine.

Susan L (lily40au) said...

I haven't heard of trademe before (today) but another of the posters this week mentioned it as well so you could look through the posts (she posted after me (Susan L @ mmmm) if that helps.
My Flea Market Find

shine little light* said...

Ohhh those are both SUPERB! Nice one! *s*

Alyssa said...

The scale is great, and that crate would make a wonderful little side table. I'd probably make a hinged lid and add some angled legs if it were mine.

Tricia said...

I l;ove those scales. I'd be working out the conversions just so that i could use it :-)

and I LOVE the box. Definately not too much.

JeTaimeVintage said...

Great scales, love the retro numbers! Trade me nz is okay, you have to ask most sellers to post to au as not always listed and most importantly make sure you tick automatic bidding, otherwise will go to your highest bid-only done it a few times but check it out before you bid!