Friday, November 26, 2010

wrens explained ... and nuts

in case you needed some trivia of the ornithological kind...

I grew up in a house of birds, particularly blue wrens. Mostly ceramic, and often mobile. When I grew up and became an environmental type persona, upon investigation I found that in Australia existed the lovely fairy wren, the superb fairy wren, the splendid fairy wren amongst 12 species. Even though there is the auspicious purple-crowned fairy wren right here in WA, none were described as spectacular... well i think they all are.


So a new header happens today.

Today, we are running across the oval because we need the toilet at home (surely this should induce labour), after collecting some nuts and attempting to making some christmas cheer from this already very cheery specimen: (any attempts at botanical classification?...)
Photobucketthe biggest nuts I have ever seen!

and eating these.
Thanks pod for the recipe - these are called Lemon and Sugar Pancake Muffins - if you are ever looking for a sure thing, try ANY of these recipes from this wonderful blog.

Getting busy making a new scrabble tile bag.
My husband (cough ...and myself) are well known for our 'rule bending'... So we needed something heavy duty, involving double flaps, elastic drawstrings and heavy dark cotton. A bit like getting under an old photography cape... while wearing gumboots. And a condom. With a lock.



Posie Patchwork said...

Oh i love you even more, i adore people willing to cheat at scrabble, sorry, bend the rules!! Love Posie

ana @ i made it so said...

the birdie photos are stunning, great header!

Kate said...

The new header is gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!
And as for those lemon and sugar pancake muffins, I am so making a batch today.
Happy Sunday.

dash robin said...

beautiful. i grew up with a twitcher in my family(my dad) and seem to have developed a love of birds by osmosis...beautiful photos and love your blog...xkate