Thursday, March 3, 2011

creative space - click

i am creating up a make-believe bat world. My mid-evening was spent as Robin, ironic really, since I am Robyn in my everyday life. Being Robin involves inflicting a bit of KAPOW! around the backyard, and even the front yard.

Here is my Robin costume:

Here is my faithful sidekick: suitably ho-hum about the kapowing.

Now that batman has been bedded, i am playing new toys...

Play along with Kirsty here.


Cate said...

Oh these mothers of boys! So much energy :-)
There is something to be said for a little bit of quiet colouring in or paper-folding...
Love the mask btw :-)

Kate said...

We are all about Wonder Woman here - mixed with karate. Yes I love the mask too.

Flotsam Friends said...

How cool is that mask. Loving your new camera. You and it are certainly taking some fabulous shots. Pxxx