Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Love to snoop into other people's lifers. Thanks for this game Kirsty!

On snooping: This is why I like to walk in suburbia after dark (windows open, lights on and lives being lived), not quite like this weirdo though - jesus! behind the bedroom door - nightmares! Back to my snooping: This is why I love an open house, this is why I love to look at a copy of inside out, and often, I put myself to sleep by running 'a scenario' that involves mostly domesticity, timelines & floor plans. This is your chance to snoop on me on wednesday.

I am playing along with a realtime unedited 'myspace' - the map table (1), my computer, the gymnastics timetable (2), my sunnies (oft losed), a list of 'things to do' (3), a wrapper from poppers which has me winning an apple macbook (4&5), a busted camera, a baby watching on (6).


about me:
1) i just love a map. I always always know north and can navigate with the best of them.
2) Rex is loving trampolining - i am thinking we'll take him pro - took him to gym this morning and he was all overcome with the foam pit - and yes, they smell the same in 2011 as they did in the 80s and 90s
3) i always have a list or two running - very rarely cross off though
4) love a competition - never won one but keep trying. I tend to run a weekly 'lotto' scenario, ticket purchased or not.
5) i have gadget covetousness
6) he is front and centre if not front and centre
7) ooh - edited to let you know, i like ice in my wine in the summer. Not evident here at 4pm but yes at 6.15pm


Andrea said...

map lover hey! Well then......I am clearly in good company. I just finished (well two months ago) mystery maps for the sketchbook project....(here: .

I love them...remind me to to take photos of the big map'll love it! :)

zigsma said...

Love that desk. I think I recall that as a fleamarket find? And love the old style bouncer.