Thursday, March 10, 2011

creative space - doodle pouch

have got this idea that 50 flashcards won't be strewn around the house if they have their own very special oilcloth home... sure, a plastic ziplock bag may have made the same impression, but blah blah..

A quick idea via here, and then heads down.

15 minutes later...

a cookie monster and all sorts of 'quiet, this is a serious cafe and serious grown-ups drink serious coffee here so shush' may almost be successful.

i am always up for an 'instant-distracto!' My friend Sal, has a 'restaurant box' filled with all those wonderful things that you tend to collect from kids party bags: honkers, clickers, balloons, cars, anything for 5 minutes and a flat white....

Expect to see a few more of these doodle pouches, any improvement ideas for me on the crafting? forget any grandiose ideas of straight lines, i could never walk one, so will never ever sew one to be sure, but anything else appreciated?

and no, I haven't seen the monster doodle. but i wanna.

here for more and more and more


L'Accent Nou - Anastasia said...

Cool idea! Love the fabric!

Megan said...

that is really cute, there's a set of flashcards in our house in serious need of a little bag for them!

Cate said...

what a great idea!! That would solve all the destroyed flashcard boxes in our house (bundles of flashcards held together with elastic bands...not nearly as cool as this!!!!!)
have a great weekend

Carrie said...

Super idea! I have hidden away all the flash cards/playing cards in our house because I was tired of finding them everywhere. This might just solve that problem.

Thanks for stopping by my little space, and for the feedback on my dresser. :-)

Megan said...

Very good idea! I should make heaps for all my flashcards at school (which are in ugly plastic ziplock bags). Have you got a closure or just the flap? You could sew on a bit of velcro for handy closure