Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Cryptogams: moss, lichen, hornworts and fungi

Loved these moss covered bricks, and lichened sticks on Design Sponge, and remembered me a whole chapter of my life past.
From here: D*S

Met this gorgeous moss in WA just last autumn


Something you likely didn't know about me: I spent a good eight months working on my thesis topic with moss, lichen and other cryptogams in the western districts of NSW. I have a paper published in the journal of arid environments, whose title mentions among other things, soil & rabbits. I am so very, very proud....

My fave Grand Design, 'Isle of Wight Treehouse' was set to feature moss-covered walls, until their little experiment went slow-go.

If you are similarly enamoured with all things cryptogammic (plants that reproduce by spores like mosses, lichens, and hornworts) check this out to identify the little ones in your backyard.

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Tricia said...

I'm a lover of cryptogams also (especially lichens). I was lucky enough to have to design interpretive signage for cryptogams for a small botanic garden. Fun!

Congrats on the paper. Looks like we have similar pre-childen lives. I too have a couple of papers. Mine are in plant conservation genetics.