Monday, March 14, 2011

so many tragedies

When the cathedral in Christchurch was lost, it felt a bit personal, having been there on a holiday... Nothing compared to those who live and love people there.

This time, I am horrified. Gobsmacked, distraught, and shocked - so graphic. We visitied Sendai & Matsushima in December 2006 on our honeymoon. The photos of NOW are absolutely UNWORLDLY - here are some photos from then, it was beautiful. I want to remember that. We are thinking of you. Please let the world settle down sometime soon.

Donate money here. Take a trip to Japan sometime. They will need to recover their economy which was already so fragile recently.

port city of Matsushima, 20km north of Sendai - spectacular

birds that now look a bit dark - is this why i took this photo?

Another train & Rich

Everything is a bit special in Japan

My favourite photo. An animal loving nation.

Thoughts and prayers


Vintage Scapes said...

Thanks for stopping by my little space!
I too went to japan a few years back and went to Sendai on the Shinkansen. I cannot imagine the destruction and despair of such a beautiful place. My thoughts are with them as well.

Shabby Vintage Junk said...

Yes indeed....Let the world SETTLE soon....We REALLY are so VERY lucky to be here....Japan is a VERY proud & productive nation....It will be a lesson for the world to see how they go about recovering & rebuilding the country....!!!!!

I read about your swim Lovey....You ROCKED IT BIG TIME....!!

Yes....Watermelon & grey is the NEW black....!!

Cheers from VIC,
Tamarah :o)