Sunday, March 13, 2011

i did one!

I committed to doing my first open water swim in 2011. Way back then, 3 months ago, I'd had a Bernie only a few weeks before, and thought it would happen when it warmed up for 2011/2012 summer swim season.

But I did it today!

Here tis the evidence:

Yes you may notice that Cameron Antonio aged 10-14years wooped my ass - but I made the distance, stopped only once to clear the goggs, and ran across the finish line to make it in 16 minutes!

so so so stoked. And looking forward to a couple more before the end of season!

(you may also notice that I was competitor 45 (out of 573) and I came 43rd in my group. I need to avenge this meet with some seriously even numbers, I hate odd!)


tea with lucy said...

go you!!!

Ha ha "evens disease" my husband suffers from the same thing.

Olive and Esther said...

Go girl!! You should be proud of yourself! Man you have just had a baby!!Very impressed

Flotsam Friends said...

Far out!! Great job. You should be incredibly proud of yourself. What a sense of achievement. And 43??? Are you kidding?? Come on. 33 at the most I'd say. Pruxx